Toast wallet VS. Morph Wallet

Trying to find a safe and secure wallet to store your precious funds is very tricky three days. The internet is filled with scam wallets and companies that have not used the most modern encryption standards to protect their users data. In this post we are going to try and help the community find the perfect wallet for their needs by comparing Morph to the popular Toast wallet.

As you probably know by now Morph Wallet is a super secure multi wallet that allows you to store all of your funds within one place. Morphs unique cloud vault system means that your keys are heavily encrypted and backed up meaning it is impossible for you to lose your private keys.

Toast wallet is a veteran of the crypto world and was one of the first wallets on Android. It has definitely been around for a while. Toast’s main focus was to solely support Ripple and is highly recommended by the rest of the Ripple community.


Toast’s UI looks extremely basic and only consists of a few pages with a small color pallet. However, it is pretty easy to navigate around with the main focus point of the UI being the send screen. Toast send screen is more complicated then necessary and we were quite annoyed that the app did not display the value of the transaction in a Fiat current for reference.

Morph’s UI has been designed for multiple wallets and focuses the UI on the wallets page where users can easily select their wallet to begin making a transaction. It would be nice if Morph has a way to switch between wallets whilst in the send screen similarly to Toasts. At the top of the screen a live price is displayed to show the users the cost of the transaction they are making in their preferred Fiat currency.

Morph Wallet vs Toast Wallet send screen


Both applications utilize the most modern encryption standards and are extremely secure. However they use slightly different methods. Toast wallet encrypts and stores your generated wallets locally on your device. Your keys always stay with you meaning it is very hard for an attacker gain access to your funds unless your device becomes compromised. Funds are sometimes lost when users lose their devices and have not followed all of the steps to back up their wallet on paper.

Morph uses it’s unique cloud vault system to automatically backup your heavily encrypted keys meaning that even if you do lose your device you can still get access to your wallets. This also added the benefit of being able to use your account on any of your devices. Vaults are encrypted using AES256 encryption meaning it would take 13 years for an attacked to gain access to a single wallet. As an additional security gate Morph also blocks access to vaults from all devices unless they are recognized as a trusted device.


Both wallets can be found on the Google play and Apple store. Toast has native applications for windows and Mac0S whereas Morph has a web app which can be accessed by the same devices.

Download Morph:

Download Coinami:

So in conclusion both wallets are extremely secure and handy to store your funds. We prefer the usability of our Morph wallet but some users like the idea of their private keys staying local. As always thanks for reading and may the HODL God’s be watching over us.

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Hi, Im the founder of morph and a full time software engineer that spends most of his time creating cool projects on the blockchain. Me and my team originally started morph to help solve the insanely big UX problem that blockchain brings with it and to help the world one day completely replace the banks.