See how you can store your Stellar!

Again, we are excited to announce that you are now able to store your Stellar (XLM) with in the Morph wallet. We are massive fans of stellar and hope that one day it will be the coin to replace the Fiat currencies but unfortunately it shares the same problems as Ripple. There aren’t many wallets that support it, especially not very many mobile wallets. But morph is here to show you how you safely user your lumens with Morph.

Creating a Ripple wallet

Generating a new wallet is dead simple with morph. Simply click on blue hovering '+' button which can be found on the main screen and select 'Stellar'. Notice that here you will see all of the different kinds of wallets that you can create with morph.

This will prompt you to provide your password. This is done for two reasons, firstly it used to encrypt your cloud vault so only you can access your wallet and secondly the user password is required to make any changes to a users account just to make sure it is you making the changes.
Morph - Create Stellar (XLM) Wallet

Recieving Ripple

By selecting your brand new shiny wallet and pressing the 'Receive' button in the top navigation you will be able to view your public key as either text or a scannable QR code.
Morph - Recieve Stellar (XLM) Wallet

Sending Ripple

Again, here Morph stands out from the crowd. other wallets make it so complicated to send a transaction with Stellar but we make it a single step process. Select your newly created wallet and enter the amount you want to send into the out field and press send. It's that simple.

Morph will calculate the total cost of the transaction in real-time displays it at the top of the screen in your preferred Fiat currency. Some transactions will require you to add a memo tag, this can be done by selecting the 'Show Advanced' button and then entering a memo into the field.
Morph - Send Stellar (XLM) Wallet

Transaction history

Morph syncs with the Ripple block chain and displays all of your transactions in a simple easily readable format. A graph of your spending across all of your wallets it's presented at the top of the screen to help you keep track of your monthly outgoings.
Morph - View Stellar (XLM) Transactions

As always, thanks for reading! We hope you have a stress free time using our simple UI and may the HODL God’s bring us fruitful returns on our Stellar investments.