We'll show you how to securely store you Ripple!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Ripple and that our hard work has finally paid off - Ripple is now supported by the Morph wallet! This is a biggie for us because we truly believe in Ripples cause and want to help it progress as much as possible. There aren’t many wallets out there that are able to this supercharged coin (especially on mobile) and this means that most people aren’t witnessing it’s full potential. Fear no more. We’ve been working with the guys over at Ripple a lot to try and make morph the most secure and user friendly wallet to use with XRP. So let’s take a look at just how easy it is to setup your Ripple wallet and begin making seamless transaction:

Creating a Ripple wallet

Creating a new Ripple wallet is dead simple with Morph and can be used in the same way create your Ethereum, NEO, Stellar, Bitcoin, Litecoin wallets and more. Simply click on blue hovering '+' button which can be found on the main screen and select 'Ripple'.

This will prompt you to provide your password. This is done for two reasons, firstly it used to encrypt your cloud vault so only you can access your wallet and secondly the user password is required to make any changes to a users account just to make sure it is you making the changes.
Morph - Create Ripple (XRP) Wallet

Receiving Ripple

Your public ripple address can be easily found by simply selecting your new Ripple wallet and selecting the 'Receive' option in the navigation bar. Morph will then display your address by text and a scannable qr code.
Morph - Recieve Ripple (XRP) Wallet

Sending Ripple

This is where Morph stands out from other wallets. Sending funds is unnecessarily complicated with other systems, morph makes it as straightforward as possible.
Select your newly created wallet and enter the amount you want to send and press send. It's that simple. Note how the value of your transaction in both XRP and your preferred Fiat currency is displayed at the top of the screen. Some transactions require you to enter a destination tag. To do this with morph select 'Show Advanced' and enter your tag into the 'tag' field.
Morph - Send Ripple (XRP) Wallet

Transaction history

Morph syncs with the Ripple block chain and displays all of your transactions in a simple easily readable format. A graph of your spending across all of your wallets it's presented at the top of the screen to help you keep track of your monthly outgoings.
Morph - View Ripple (XRP) Transactions

As always, thanks for reading! We hope you have a stress free time using our simple UI and may the HODL God’s bring us fruitful returns on our Ripple investments.