Securely store your Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Litecoin Stellar NEO + GAS

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Most secure wallet

Morph removes the risk of your keys being stolen or lost by storing them in your very own personal offline vault which is maintained and backed up by the morph team. Your vault can only be accessed by you and requires 2Factor authentication to be unlocked.

Morph Wallet Security

Hold the top coins

Your morph vault is able to store multiple coins, meaning you wont have the hassle of remembering all of your private keys and you can send/recieve funds all from one place.
You'll never need another wallet again.

Morph Wallet App Landing Page
Morph Wallet App Landing Page
Morph Wallet App Landing Page
Morph Wallet App Landing Page
Morph Wallet App Landing Page
Morph Wallet App Landing Page
Morph Wallet App Landing Page
Morph Wallet App Landing Page
Morph Wallet App Landing Page

Track your spending

Morph synchronises with the supported blockchains in realtime giving you detailed tracking of your transactions and in depth analysis's of your past spendings.

Morph Wallet Tracking

Access from any device

You are able to connect to your secure vault from any device. This means you can use your funds on the go with one of our mobile apps or at home with our desktop app.

Morph Wallet Devices

Available on iOS, Android and Web Browser

Download the Morph wallet for either iOS, Adroid or Web Browser and begin securely storing your funds with ease.

Morph Wallet Iphone 1

Frequently Asked

1. What can Morph do?

Morph can help you store all of your crypto currencies in one secure wallet which can be accessed from any device. Syncing the supported blockchains allows Morph to give you realtime feedback on your transactions and help you to track your spending.

2. How do Morph vaults work?

Vaults are collections of wallets that are securely encrypted with your details so only you can unlock it. Every vault is stored offline in the secure Morph data center and backed up regularly.

3. What about my private keys?

Morph allows you to export your private keys whenever you want, As long as you have the necessary authentication to unlock your vault. You are always in control of your private keys.

4. How do transactions work?

Once you have provided the authentication to unlock your vault, Morph signs your transaction before locking the vault again. The signed transaction is then forwarded to Morph services where it is broadcasted to the world.

5. How is Morph more secure than other wallets?

By storing your funds in Morphs managed vaults you remove the risk of losing your device, forgetting private keys or being attacked which are the most common ways for users to lose their funds. Furthermore, Morph adds extra layers of protection around your funds such as SMS 2Factor authentication which most other wallets cannot provide.